20 students to be in a public room

The housing crisis in dhaka university (DHABI) students halls is extreme. The first year of the school was a mass killing. However, the problem of student halls is not as widespread as the students’ halls. There is no special student organization in the state to monitor the administration and to raise awareness of the general students. But the control of the public room is not entirely lost on a particular student organization.

There is a severe housing crisis in the residential halls of the students because of the low number of seats compared to the number of students. Half of the students are forced to spend too much on the capital’s various messes. Even though these are insecurity. The news is published by samkal.

The annual number of regular students of the university is now over 13,000, according to the hall and the 98th anniversary of the dhabi, published this year. However, there are five students and two students in the hostel. The first residential hall for the students of the university is Roquea Hall with 1,618 seats. Besides this, the poet Sufia Kamal Hall has 1,626 seats, Shamsun Nahar Hall 688, Kuwait Maitri Hall 661, Fazilatunnecha Mujib Hall 410 and Nawab Foyjunesa Student Hostel 120 and Sultana Kamal Hostel built for the students of Leather Technology Institute.

The students’ halls are supposed to have eight in the public rooms. But in reality, there are at least 20 to 25 people. So everyone has to share and change the bed. There’s no room for study – no chance. They have to study in the reading room or guest room. Students said that to get into the hall’s public room, anyone has to come through the reference. Stay away from study – you can’t sleep properly, you don’t have a pre-life. Still, there is no alternative to the public room, especially for the new ones

Joysri Roy, a student at Roquea Hall. “The expectations after the university’s tech were different,” the first-year student of the music department said of the experience of the mass room. But when I came to the hall, I realized the reality. I was allowed to stay in the public room. There were 14 students, with a maximum of eight. The space in this public room is sky-high with the atmosphere of the house. I couldn’t stay there for a week, I came home. I took a class from home. But now i got the seat allocation through the administration, the room is a good environment. ‘

Joysri also said that there are several political rooms in The Roquea Hall. These rooms are the ones that come in politically. Even then, the students would not have had a seat problem if there were no outsiders. Many people live outside the roquea hall, others are. If they had not, the students in the hall would have been there according to the capacity of the room. But the hope is that it’s not too late to get a seat from the administration. The girls’ hall is much better than the boys’ hall. ‘

Sanjida Diamond, a resident student of the poet Sufia Kamal Hall. “It takes a reference to get up at first,” says the psychology student. I have to stay in the public room for a while. The rooms are covered with two beds with six beds and a double bed with a double bed of 25. It’s a bad idea at first. New environment, everyone is unknown. It’s hard to adjust to all. Later, it is fixed. But being in the public room is a matter of moving anywhere. There friendship swells, some of them help each other if they have any problems. The public room is good from here. There are some problems. It is difficult to study, sleep or maintain even a little privacy. But the condition of the boys hall is much better than what I hear. ‘

“I never went out before coming to university,” said a student at Bangladesh-Kuwait Maitri Hall, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. From getting up to the hall, you start living somewhere away from your family. I wasn’t sure if I could get up. Later, I learned through a post that ican ting eh in a political reference. On January 4, I went to the anniversary program of the foundation of the country and tried to understand the issue. But the first day’s experience was not that good. I guess I’m in the middle of what I’m going to do! I had a chance to stay in the room, and I had 20 people in total. It was hard to stay in the first five or six months. ‘

The student at Maitri Hall also said, “The university administration should first ensure the residence of a student.” All the people who are sure of their accommodation are admitted. The atmosphere in the public room is, of course, a luxury. One man gives help to the other. But it’s still shameful to have a public room system at university level. Because there is nothing to teach a university student again. Every student needs a privacy, not a public room. There’s a problem with study and sleeping. ‘

“The most urgent need to solve the housing problem is to increase the number of halls,” said Zinat Huda Waheed, the principal professor of Roquea Hall. And the students who live in the hall will have to change their minds. They have to understand that their juniors will be here one day. So they have to leave their seats in time. ‘

“To solve the problem of public housing and housing, those who do not have a student and have been expelled must strictly follow the rules of leaving the hall,” said Mahbuba Nasrin, the professor of the KuwaitI Maithri Hall. Students need cooperation in this field. Also, those who really need a seat in the hall should at least be provided by the administration. Look at it. ‘

In this context, Dr. Mo. “Some initiatives have been taken to address the housing crisis and the people’ room,” Akhtar-Eman said. The problem of housing of students is also under the eyes of the authorities. The problem of the mass room is a long-standing problem – it cannot be solved by tying it up for days. ‘