Priyanka gave her husband a German shepherd

On December 1, the couple set foot in the second spring. Priyanka is reportedly gifted a German shepherd to Nick on the wedding anniversary. The dog is called Gino the German. In a video posted to Instagram by Priyanka, Nick is sleeping with a coat. Priyanka left her body on her skin by a little German Shepherd.

Nick also shared a video on Instagram, writing, “The morning came, it surprised me. Meet our new puppy, whose name is Gino the German. I can’t stop laughing anymore since I woke up in the morning. I finally got to know what happened. Thank you Priyanka Chopra’
Nick-Prianka couple have had a good time after marriage. They went out to go on a trip together when they retired. Share photos and videos of the moment with fans. Priyanka has also been working on her films. On the other hand, Nick is on the music. This time, nick’s band Jonas Brothers’ song ‘Saker’ was also nominated in the Pop Dual/Party Performance category.