Matarbari power project in uncertainty

The government’s completion of the Matarbari coal power project in the wake of the anti-government and anti-government syndicate sedition has been feared to be uncertain. The project is reportedly being stalled due to the failure of the government-appointed company, Asian Dredges Limited, to pay about Rs 30 crore in sand filling work for Abdul Mannan Laskar Limited.

The project was conducted by the Chairman of the Association of The Company, Abdul Mannan Laskar, at a press conference at the Madaripur District Journalists Welfare Society at 10 am on Saturday, demanding immediate payment of the money, alleging fraud against Asian Dredges Limited. He has reported the uncertainty of completion.

At the press conference, Abdul Mannan Laskar said that the Asian Dredges Limited company was responsible for filling the sand in the Matarbari coal power project on the priority of the Prime Minister. To achieve this, The Asian Dredges Limited Company signed a contract on January 22 this year to complete the work of the sand filling in within six months. The company paid half the money after working for three months under the terms of the contract, but started the fraud without paying Tk. 348,29,138. The authorities directed Asian Dredges Limited to pay the money after the company complained to THE POSCO, the regulatory body of the project. However, it is not believed that Shamim Reza, managing director of Asian Dredges Limited, is the only one who can be found.

The search and search also revealed that The chairman of Asian Dredges Limited, Saca Chowdhury brother Jamal Quader Chowdhury, was accused of war-fighting. They are delaying the project by syndicated reasons. On the other hand, the Asian Dredges Limited company is making a toll-and-fraud payment to the company Abdul Mannan Laskar Limited. Immediately, abdul mannan, chairman of the company, is seeking the prime minister’s intervention in the payment of the loan. The press conference was attended by Abdul Mannan Laskar and other officials of the company.