The Deluxe Trends Guide – What Will The Car You Will Buy In 2020 Look Like?

The Deluxe Trends Guide - What Will The Car You Will Buy In 2020 Look Like?

What will your desires be for your next car? To find out, we didn’t take out the crystal ball, but we analyzed the sales curves and detailed the new products unveiled in recent months. Colour, engine, equipment… Discover in preview the sketch of the most popular car in 2020.

The 2020 car will be… orange or red
Neutral shades, such as grey or white, still have your preferences, but brands continue to show us all the colours. Two trends have been identified among the latest innovations. First of all, the orange, which Renault chose for the launch of its two flagship models in 2020: the Clio 5 and the Captur 2. Peugeot has also chosen this citrus nuance for the new 2008. Another example: the restyled Toyota C-HR, also shown in orange, a shade that the model did not have until then.

The other trend is red. Among the new models recently unveiled with this colour are the Aston Martin DBX, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Renault Espace restyled. The latter had not yet been proposed with such a warm shade. A model is a double hit, the Opel Corsa, highlighted in orange and then in red!

She’ll be dressed as a sportswoman
The plumage, not the ramage! CO2 constraints (European penalties, malus) are undermining sports projects in generalist companies. Peugeot and Renault have not followed up on the 208 GTi and Clio RS! Instead, they highlight pseudo-sports finishes. GT Line, RS Line, R Line, N Line, S Line, ST Line, ST Line, R Design… These finishes have become an essential part of the range. This gives you the look, but not the power. The new Clio is therefore satisfied with an RS Line finish, which will soon be found on the Captur. The premium brands have once again set the trend: for a long time now, you can have an AMG-look A-Class with a 110 hp diesel engine.


2020, the decline of the SUV?

They have been gaining market share at an incredible rate. In France, the sales curve remains on the rise, with 38% of deliveries in 2019, two points higher than in 2018. Some expect a decline to begin in 2020, due in particular to CO2 constraints. Certainly, we are reaching a peak. But we must not imagine a significant decline from next year, especially when we see that the rate of launches of new adventurers will not slow down. And most SUVs will be hybrid or electric and may therefore have a lower malus… or none.