Science is coming to an all-out

Fair (Facility for Anti Proton and ION Research) Week with various science projects began at the Science Summit in Science City. The week will continue until November 23. Say scientists involved in the world’s major science projects. It started with the bos institute’s event on Tuesday. The statement was made by Professor Shibazi Rah, former director of the institute. He is now the Chairman of the Joint Scientific Council of GSI and Fair. Shreya Roy, a researcher at the Bose Institute, gave a speech.

Every day, the speakers will talk to students and researchers about various projects. Today, Wednesday’s speech was made by Avijit Bhattacharya, head of physics at Kolkata University. On the last day, dr. Dr. S. S. S. Rajarshi Ray. The scientists will also present their talk on the Research of Sarn. It’s nice to see the science gathering in Science City. There are many college students.

On the other hand, the science is showing off various projects. How did Higgs-Boson’s research go? What does the large Hadron collider look like when the device was caught in the presence of the ‘Boson’ particle? The “Large Hadron Collider” model was brought to the exhibition to show how the research was done. It will continue until December 31.

The exhibition showcases the world’s response – a number of international projects. All of which represent India. There is the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO). The research project on black holes has also responded to the gravitational wave. The model of the ‘Thirty Meter Telescope’ being created for space research is also on display.