Business Management Software For Company

Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP, is an open source software publisher founded in 2004 that offers a complete suite of fully integrated business management modules.

Odoo is the most scalable and installed enterprise management program in the world with applications that meet all business needs, from customer relationship management to website and e-commerce creation, production, inventory management, accounting, ERP, etc., all perfectly integrated. This is the first time that a software publisher has managed to achieve such a high level of functionality.

Odoo’s mission is to offer companies of all sizes and sectors a professional and easy-to-use solution for all its users. They are among their customers: WWF, Danone, Hyundai, La Poste, Toyota, Jamba Juice, etc.


Odoo solutions
OdooOdoo’s ERP solutions offer an all-in-one, customization business management ERP. It covers all the key functions of companies thanks to its different modules (sales, marketing, crm, finance…). Odoo is available in three versions:

Odoo Online: the cloud version (SaaS) offering an out-of-the-box and fast implementation solution ideal for SMEs with less than 50 users. This version is improved and updated several times a year
Odoo Community: the open source version, downloadable and completely free.
Odoo Enterprise: the on-premise solution (locally installed) that is recommended for companies with more than 50 users.


Focus on the Odoo CRM module
Odoo’s CRM module allows you to track potential customers and opportunities, customize the sales cycle, control statistics and forecasts, and automate marketing campaigns to improve sales performance.

The key functions of this CRM software are as follows:

Organization of opportunities through the Kanban view mode,
Planning of future actions and prioritization of tasks,
Visualization of the day’s performances and activities,
Automatic generation of prospects based on emails received or requests on the website.
Odoo CRM is integrated with other modules:

Sales: creation of professional quotes and electronic signatures
Invoicing: transforming quotes into invoices in one click
Email marketing: segmentation of the database and sending targeted emails to prospects and customers
Signing: automation of the contract signing process