Anger In Parliamentary Committee Over Grameenphone Network

The Parliamentary Committee on Grameenphone (GP) networks and calldrops, the largest mobile company in the country, has expressed its anger.

In areas where the problem is more common in the areas where the calldrops are more common than other mobile companies in the country, the committee also demanded a technical committee from the ministry to investigate.

Grameenphone authorities told the meeting that the interest of the customer will be protected in the future by the need for more modernity in response to the committee’s complaint.

The meeting of the Standing Committee on Postal, Telecommunications and Information Technology held at the National Assembly House recently was held.

Sources said that the meeting was attended by the committee president AKM Rashtullah, who said his village is only 6 km away from the Gulshan Banani area. Grameenphone networks are not always available there. He thinks that all problems can be solved in coordination with the Technical Committee of Grameenphone, including the Ministry. The president said that other issues including technical committee monitoring through the ministry should be looked into in places where network, call rate and calldrop problems are seen.

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Control Commission (BTRC) service provider shows that the calldrops rate of Robi, Teletalk, banglalink is lower than Grameenphone ‘GP’, said Junaid Ahmed Palk, information and communication technology minister who attended the meeting. The most calldrop GP.

He said a strong age committee could be formed by linking technology audits with financial audits. The concerned departments should be kept in view of the important areas including the Parliament House, the Public Housing Area and the Network.

When asked about GP’s frequent calldrops, networks and call rates, Grameenphone Executive Director Hussain Sahadat gave a detailed meeting on the organisation. He said they have their own problems and in this case BTRC and Grameenphone are always working in the interest of the people. He said that the future will be more modern and that the interest stake will be protected by the customer.

The Parliamentary Committee recommends that all important organizations, including Grameenphone, have a network of important organisations. The committee also recommended the submission of a full report on call rates, calldrops and networks of the customer service agency at the next meeting.

Committee President AKM Rashtullah’s meeting was attended by committee members, Including Junaid Ahmed Polk, Benazir Ahmed, Noorul Amin, Monira Sultana, Zakia Parvin Khanam and Aparapata Haque. The Minister of The Department of Telecommunications, Mostafa Jabba was present at the meeting at the special invitation.

Besides, senior secretary of information and communication technology department NM Ziaul Alam, Secretary of Postal and Telecommunications Department Ashok Kumar Trust and Grameenphone Executive Director Hussain Sahadat, Director General of Postal Department Sudhanshu Shekhar, BTRC Chairman Zahirul Haque was present.