New Electric Cars Are Coming In 2020

What’s We’ll Be And When?

It can be hard to find each new car and know when they will come for sale, especially if you’re interested in EVs only. There are many more reasons to come in the next 12 months, so you have to learn how long you will wait for the sale you want to sell. 2019 has already seen new entrants in the segment from the likes of Audi, Mercedes and MG, with the launch of the likes of Tesla, Nissan and Renault as major launches.

The first half of 2020 seems to be more robust as manufacturers work hard to meet the increasingly stringent emission rules with the introduction of more electronic models.

Here’s our comprehensive list of evis coming in the car industry.

Audi e-Tron Sport-back
The first Audi saloon, the e-Tron Sportback, was first conceived at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2017. The production version will share a platform with the e-tron SUV, which will be sold for six months after the model reaches uk showrooms. It is scheduled to be inaugurated at the LA Motor Show in November, the late 2020 sales date expected.

It will provide a sportier drive with a coop-like body style according to audio. The power train will probably be a variant, which means twin electric motors will deliver 355bhp and a battery capable of 250 miles of charges. Using boost mode, the 0-60 mph hour time should be between 5 seconds.

Ford Mach E
Set as one of the most important and perhaps most controversial new cars in the Blue Oval today, Mach E Is is an electric crossover inspired by iconic mustang muscle cars based on a new EV platform. The car, which is scheduled to be released at the LA Motor Show and is up for sale in 2020, has yet to officially name the car but Ford Has applied for the MacE trademark. It is originally considered to be ‘Mac One’, but the idea seems to have been confused by the negative customer’s reaction to the connection of the classic Mustang model’s yatre.

Volkswagen Corsa-E
Not long after the petrol version was launched, the electronic corsa will almost certainly prove popular in the UK. Corsa is one of the most popular cars in the country and the new version will be the first to be manufactured under PSA ownership.

It will use the same CMP platform as peugeot 208 and DS3 crossovers and provide an electric range of up to 250 miles. A brand new visual style, including the newly designed Grill and All-Glass Fecia, was revealed before it was released, and it was clearly achieved within two years after the brand’s PSA purchase.