If You Are Traveling To The United States 19 Beauty Products You Must Buy

It’s 2018 and we don’t have a sephora in the UK yet, but at least we can get our hands on brands like Glacier, Cat Von Dee, Make Up Forever and Marc Jacobs. But what are all the other american beauty products that we still can’t get here? You don’t know if we want milk makeup. There’s only one thing for this… It’s time to book a plane ticket. I know the dramatic, but just think of the brand that’s coming back with the new makeup bag.

I’ve created a list of the beauty products I want for anyone in the United States to save you a little time. Oh, and if your budget doesn’t extend only on an airline ticket, you can always suck it up and pay more than the sefour shipping fee or Amazon’s odds…

1. The doctors are formula butter bronzer. 14.95 ( £11)
Best American Beauty Makeup Products
This matte bronzer is rich in murumu butter which makes it a perfect creamy texture despite being a powder product. Designed as a powder/cream bronzer hybrid, it is a sun-kissed glow that melts in the skin that is always natural, never orange. Moreover, did I mention it smelling like coconut?

2. Tatcha Illuminated Diwi Skin Mist, $48 (£37)
Best American Beauty Makeup Products
The only way I can describe this spray is to kidnap Jennifer Lopez, steal her ava, bottle her and sell it in Sefora. Really do two mists on your makeup and your face will radiate the light like anything else. I keep it in the states whenever I’m in the states and I’ve been doing this to buy extra supplies for my friends.

3. Milk Makeup Cooling Water, $24 (18 lbs)
Best American Beauty Makeup Products
Milk is like the cool little sister of Glacier and you know how cool glossier. This cool water gel stick can be used under the skin or makeup to immediately cool, de-puff and bring the skin back to the glow. Also, the winter effect will make you a new BFF during the hot summer months.

4. Wait n Wild Megalo Highlighting Powder, $4.99 (4 lbs)
Best American Beauty Makeup Products
Wait n Wild
I’m not going to lie, it can be difficult to find a decent highlighter under a tenor that doesn’t have a snout glitter. But the Wet N Wild Highlight costs less than $5 and even got the seal of approval from Jeffrey Starr. The pearls have blinded your cheek bones (I’ve been able to track a CVS) and more importantly smooth.

5. Koh Janner Do Aqua Foundation, $67 (50 lbs)
Best American Beauty Makeup Products
Koh Zen Doo
Koh Jane Do founded Japanese actress I Satoom, who was inspired to build her own foundation after feeling pressure dysset and depressed on the film sets. His foundation’s Liv Tyler has followed a follow up with a big fan.

6. It’s 10 Miracle Live-In Products, $18 (£14)
Best American Beauty Makeup Products
It’s a 10
If you ever have a hair brush stuck in your hair trying to pull t tangles from the back of your neck, you need this live-in conditioner in your life. It develops, minimizes the shaking and helps eliminate the seal separation… What else do you want?

7. Bite Beauty Agava Lip Mask $26 (20 lbs)
American Best Beauty Makeup Products
Bit Beauty
This lip balam can also prevent the maximum spread of the lips throughout the night. If your lips feel a little dry, put it before bed and I promise you will be so smooth with your skin the next morning that any baby will be able to get alittle. It’s really sugar-flavored, so it’s always a dream and you can buy colorful versions for the day.

8. Cla de Pew Beauty Concierge, $70, (£53)
Best American Beauty Makeup Products
This consular lists me for one reason and one reason because it’s Kim Kardashian’s favorite. I’ve been investing in $70, but after 10 years as my Remel Stick Consuler