Freebase 3 For Android Users Like Apple’s Ipod 2

Huawei has been accused of copying Apple’s airpods design. Huawei recently unveiled an airpod called Freebads 3 but it looks like Anapple’s airpod. Apple fans think the latest Freebads in Huawei are similar to the apple iPod 3. The products of both organizations are almost identical. Some even comment that they have chosen a similar design.

However, Huawei did show Freebads 3 at the IFA 2019 trade show. Apple fans are watching their airphones. Many companies have complained about Apple’s airphone copy. A report from Verge wrote, “Huawee Freebads 3 was unveiled at the IFA Trade Show. Even now they are not trying to keep the simulation sits a secret. How many people buy copies of the product?’

Another wrote, “If users buy copies of products that they think are using airpods, Apple may be in a state of shock because of copyright of Apple’s products.” ‘

Speaking to The Sun, Huawei admitted that they designed free-for-all after Apple’s iconic design was released.

Another spokesman said: ‘Customers do not look at the product well when they see the product online. You can see the difference between huawei’s free-for-all and Apple’s airpods. Both products are white and black. It looks almost like that. So users are looking for a difference between the two companies’ products. ‘

Looking at the features, you can understand the improved product between the two products. However, Freebads is expected to respond very quickly.

So far, the price issue has not been resolved. However, Huawei says they will offer their products to users cheaper than airpods.

China’s tech giant Titan was repeatedly saying about the airpods at a press conference on Friday. The event was told that Freebads can hold 50 percent more charges than the 3 AirPods and are capable of charging twice as fast. Huawei’s airpods have no-noise consulation features that are not available on Apple’s airpods. A smartphone of the P30 Pro model was launched at the same event. The phone has Google’s Android Ten operating system.

Wireless airpods are becoming more popular with users and production companies. Several companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, have opened up a number of new products in the market within months. But Apple has dominated them with their AirPod and AirPod Pro. According to Huawei, Freebads 3 is like an airpod two. They look the same. Charging cases and many features are also in common.

Whatever it is, Freebads 3 is not a hit product of any other company. They themselves say they are happy for the Noise Protection feature. The new free-bads cost 179 euros.

Freebads 3 is currently available in the European market. There are chances of a visit to several countries, including the UK and Germany.