Our Universe Is Alive By Controlling Six Special Numbers

Our universe is controlled by only six numbers that were formed during the Big Bang period. Without any of them, no planet, star and human being would exist.

– Eminent astronomer Sir Martin Reese.

All the chemistry and existence of our daily world are determined by the religion of atom, their size and mass, their type, their division and the unspoiled balls that keep them together. Atom or hangups exists with its internal force and various particles.

Again, the planets, the star galaxy, or the galaxy are all controlled by the gravitational force or the ball and the main points of the study of the astronomers are the planets, the star galaxy or the galaxy.

Theoretical mass and researchers want to make the physical formulas easier to express by binding the essence of the formula with specific equations and certain numbers. They have to go a long way in this work, just as they really are, to make their current success even more convincing. In part, their relentless research has enabled six numbers to be determined at the beginning of the 20th century that are particularly noticeable. Two of the six numbers are related to the common ball. Two more numbers are responsible for the shape of the universe, behind the decomposition of the universe and the infinite stability. And the other two have specified the properties of space itself.

These six numbers we can call the recipe for the formation of the Maharishi. If one of them has no meaning or meaning, then no star or life is possible.

However, scientists think that there may be an unknown universe outside our universe. Perhaps the number is in the same number or is different. Surprisingly, this universe has evolved from a very small black hole and only a few numbers have survived this present universe with our habitable existence and stability.

Maybe there may be an interconnection between the numbers. At this point, scientists cannot explain the reason for the toxic ignorance. The main reason behind highlighting these six numbers in the discussion here is that each of these numbers is very difficult and exceptional in the universe. Not just that. They together determine the evolution of the universe and its inherent performance.

Number 1:

This number is published with N. It is a two-ball ratio. This number is found by dividing the strength of the electrical forces that hold atoms together by their inter-gravity force.com. N is a very large number with 36 zeros after another. That is, 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 This huge number of nature is the reason for the vastness of the universe. If there were less than one zero in the number, there would be only a small number of organisms in the universe and the evolution of life would not have been possible.

Number of times:

This number is published with the . This number is a measure that reveals the stability of the atomic nucleus and the formation of all the molecules on earth. This number is 0.007. If the number was 0.006 or 0.008, we would have been in a state of being.

I try to find out the existence of this constant in a simple way.

Hydrogen nuclei have a proton and helium’s nucleus contains two protons and two neutrons.

We know that four hydrogen are formed together in a helium. In short, it is the fusion that is taking place on the sun’s surface and the hydrogen is breaking down.

The four protons are 6.690 x 10-24 and the helium nucleus is 6.643 x 10-24, which is .007 percent lighter than the four protons.

This proves that the sun’s mass is 0.007% of the energy during the fusion of hydrogen to helium.

From this, it is a fact that the sun will be distributed 100 billion years of light. But in reality, only 70% of the sun’s hydrogen is estimated to be 9 billion years.

Number 3:

This number is published with omega. This is a cosmic number. The number indicates the total amount of the universe (galaxy, diffuse gas, and dark matter). This number determines the rate of expansion of the universe and the end of the universe . Omega reveals the relationship between the power of the mid-gravity and the growth of the universe .

If the average mass density of the universe had increased by five times per cubic meter, the density of the universe would have increased so much that the expansion of the universe would have stopped over time because the power of the gravity would have been so great.

Gravity would have exceeded expansion energy and of course the universe would have been destroyed suddenly.

But since the expansion energy is on gravity, the universe continues to expand indefinitely.

Critical density refers to the mass density where the universe is within the bounds of the exact destruction and infinite expansion. And then the size of the universe will be like a plane or euclidean geometric.

Ω (omega) is the ratio of critical density and actual density. Omega : 1 in full critical density. The average density is currently at least 0.3. If We’re at least 0.3 omega, then it’s definitely not too far from 1 in the Big Bang. The main reason behind moving away from one or the other is expansion. So if the expansion of the medium is greater than 1, then the reverse will be reduced considerably, i.e. the omega will continue to go to zero. I’ll take a moment to see the omega value is 0.5. It will come down to 0.25 when the universe expands. But the Omega is now being considered 0.3, which means that the big bang has not gone too far.

Number 4:

This number is published with lambda. It is a hostile gravitational force in the universe. This number, which was discovered in 1998, controls the expansion of the universe. However, it is worth mentioning that the number has no understandable effect on the scale below the bill.

The effect of this number will ultimately be more pronounced than the inter-gravity and other balls on the universe because the universe will become more and more empty over time.

Lambda is a very small number. If it had increased even a little, the billion light would affect the universe on the lower scale of the year and stop the formation of galaxies and stars. As a result, cosmic evolution would never have been possible.

Number five:

This number is published with Q. Q, on which the structure and structure of our universe depend, is the ratio of two fundamental forces. Its size is 1/100000.

If it were smaller, the universe would have been inactive and without structure. If it were a little more, the universe would have been a dangerous place with no star or solar system.

Number six:

This number is published with D. D is 3. This number reveals the normal dimensions of the universe. If mishmash’s dimension were 1 or 2, there would have been no life. Time is the fourth dimension. There is a specific aspect of time and that is forward. So it’s not caught here. But these three dimension don’t have much to do.

There are other numbers that make us exist. These six numbers are specifically mentioned in the famous book “Just Six Numbers” by the great astronomer Sir Martin Reese. He and many other physicists and astronomers have been constantly trying and researching the relationship between these numbers. The relationship they want to call “the theory of everything”.