Importance Of Talk About Global Warming

There’s been a lot of talk about global warming and greenhouse effects since childhood. I’ll come. The word of the man is that the environment is polluted and the vegetation is cut off. Greenhouse gas increases as heat from the sun radiates to the earth. The world is not as much as it should be after entering. The temperature of the earth is increasing. And the temperature of the earth is increasing. Increasing snow in The Meruba province and increasing sea level, And you’ll drown in many places on earth.

What a whole thing, how human sin is the result of global, Warming is a message that’s hidden. And all this we face
I’m here. A few days ago, The Great Global Warming Swindle I saw the documentary claiming that there must be some tigers. Global Warming with interviews with Bagha scientists and environmentalists. Man is not responsible for this . The increase in the temperature of the earth is a natural one. It’s a matter. And the earth’s environment has changed all the time .

Later, i learned that there was a lot of debate and doubt about the documentary.

But what is the big political game behind global warming? It’s not difficult. Global Warming Research A lot of money has been spent on the back. Many say that this branch of science. Other branches of science are being affected by the high amount of money. A few Journalists, channels, papers, newspapers and scientists are well-known in global warming. You’re doing well. And with this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Global warming is involved. It can be said that global warming itself. Now a system and industry. And there is a kind of pop culture.
A few basic facts have come into view while studying global warming for a while.

Such as: Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. And the largest greenhouse. Gas is a water vapor greenhouse up to 36-70 percent of the water vapor Responsible for the effect. And in this watery steam, there is no cloud. The greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide is 9-26 percent. Methane is 4-9 percent. Ozone is 3-7 percent.

Human civilization is responsible for carbon dioxide and methane to increase the amount of the atmosphere but remember that the caller apart from transportation, carbon dioxide is produced naturally such as from volcanoes and the bodies of wild animals and falling under trees carbon dioxide is also produced by the leaves and all the creatures including men carbon dioxide is also produced by inhalation.

Another big reason for global warming is solar variation. Or increase the power of the sun , which is not a human hand . The amount of carbon dioxide on the earth has increased since 1940 but by 1975 the temperature of the earth has dropped.

The current carbon dioxide levels and temperature in the history of the world more than that like when dinosaurs rule the world in the whole world. The amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere is twelve times the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It was too much at that time the average temperature in the world was higher than it was now and there was no snow in the polar province. at that time, the sea level was 100.
it was more than 250 meters.

Guidelines designed to prevent global warming there are allegations of coercion in poor and developing countries.
Solar energy is more like wind power than fossil fuels if used, some houses may be light-blown but it is not possible to build large industries. Imagine what an iron steel industry has ever done. Solar power cannot be built with solar power or wind power trains can be run regularly. What are the developing countries?
Don’t develop art by following the guidelines carbon dioxide levels on earth due to use of fossil fuels it is personal that the increase will make the world absolutely inaccessible, i don’t think so. Because however, the amount of fossil fuels is limited world it’s too early to destroy.

There are many people who are against and against global warming theory. This theory those who oppose it think it is nothing but propaganda. And those who are in favor of this theory blow the opponent away saying that they have no right to be in the country. Behind are big oil companies. It’s too early to understand the views of both sides it’s hard to know who’s right.

But if you follow the rules of energy in general, it is global. We don’t know how much to stop warming, but there must be something in our pockets.