Continental Drift And Plate Tectonic Theory About Floating Earth

The world you knew 35-40 million years ago was not like this. Then all the continents were together, which is called Pangea. And around it was a huge sea called the Sea of Tethys.

Map of Pangaea with modern continental outlines

Then, 200 million years ago, the pangi was broken down into two parts in the Triassic era, which scientists called Laresia and Gondoanland.

The organization of subcontinents (Laurasia and Gondwana)


In the Jurassic Era, you see what the earth was like 150 million years ago.What the earth was like when the geologists called it the Cretacity era, 6.5 billion to 14 million years ago.

Come on, let’s go and have a fun ride. Geologic time scales have divided the age range of the earth into a different age. Look at the picture below and look at this scale and you’ll have a clear idea of who came to earth in the era. Almost everyone knows what period the dinosaur came to earth in the jurassic park, but it’s not 90% of the people who know what “Jurassic” is. I hope there will be no more confusion.

The world you see today will not be like this for 7/8 million years. The containers will be drifted and shaped by plate tectonic theory. In this case, the plate tectonic theory comes up. What is the plate tectonic theory? Scientists have divided the whole world into a few plates (I mean the whole world, but I’ve just created the ocean of the Buzaini). Major plates include Pacific Plate, North American Plate, Eurasian Plate, African Plate, Antarctic Plate, Indian Plate, Australian Plate (many Indian and Australian plates are combined with Indo-Australian plates and so on), South American plates.


Major Plate

Apart from this, there are some minor plates, Somali plates, nazka plates, Amurian plates, Burmese plates, and about 15 plates. See the picture.

Major and minor plate

These plates are floating in the center of the earth with molten hot matter (which is what I call lava) (the amount of this floating is so small that we can’t understand). So a plate is moving away from another plate and it may be coming closer to another plate. The ball is getting closer and the ball is rolling in the boundary and going under another one. The Himalayan was born, but so is the himalayan.

The two plates between the Major Plate Indian Plate and the Burmese Minor Plate are constantly rubbing and moving and sometimes moving and when the earthquake in Bangladesh is seen on the paper they are located in the Arakan mountains, Andaman or Tripura, because the Burmese are the ones who are the Movement between plate and Indian plate. But we’re getting a little bit nervous. What else is this?