Technology Threatens Our Future!


The universe was born with a big explosion called the Big Bang, about fifteen billion years ago. But the creation of man is much later than the birth of the universe, only forty thousand years ago. As such, man is a child species. But this child species has become a modern human in a short time from the cave man to the most intelligent. The sky that man looked at was a wonder and he saw the flying birds, and he was able to fly with the power of intelligence. One day, people have made their footprints in the moon that was looking at the moon in the night sky. Now, in a moment, we are talking about the seven seas that cross the Thirteen river.

The world is now in our hands. It all happened with our intelligence. The only way to look at it is to win the wisdom of man. In this world, people have no animals on their backs. We’re so proud of it. With this intelligence we discovered science one day. And I’ve been constantly inventing new technologies based on this science. We’re taking over the old technology. We’re more secure now, depending on technology.

Because all the problems are solved by technology. Is fossil fuels coming out? No worries, renewable energy technology is coming. And in a few days, nanotechnology will take us to the real science world. It’s nice to think of words, like we live in a dream world. But is it really? The evil position is on the side of every good. Technology is also not the exception. This negative use of technology raises the question today: What will happen to the fate of the most intelligent species on earth? The future is always uncertain and mysterious. There is nothing specific about the future. Still, let’s try to see what our future is like.


2.Environmental pollution

We are all less familiar with green houses. The name is a kind of a harmless feeling, but the horror of the matter has not only caused us to think for a long time, but also caused a lot of headaches. Scientists and technologists have developed many technologies to improve our quality of life. The green house is one of the methods of planting trees in glass to protect the winter scum from the cold. But people have gradually turned this world into a little greenhouse. The amount of other toxic gases, including carbon dioxide, is increasing in the atmosphere using black smoke, fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, etc.) of industrial plants. These poisonous gases are all made around the green earth by a glass-like layer. The sun is the main source of our energy.

The light can easily cross the surface and come to The Earth because the light is less than the wavelength. After the power of this light is taken as thermodynamics, including plants, the rest of the energy cannot be spread through the surface when the heat is released. Because the wavelength of heat is relatively high. This heat force is forced to return to Earth. As a result, the temperature of the earth is rising, known as global warming. The rise in the temperature of the earth was raised many years ago by Swedish scientist Arrhenius in 1896. But people have been getting mad about this since a few decades ago. But it is now in a state of flux that scientists fear that global temperatures could rise to about 4 degrees Celsius by the end of this century. The negative impact of global warming on the climate will be most damaging to the poorest countries in the world.

The main reason behind global warming is the widespread use of fossil fuels. And the most responsible of the situation is some of the world’s industrialized rich countries. In these countries, the emission of greenhouse-gas that produces the reaction is much higher than the world’s. The ice is melting due to global warming. As a result, the climate is being severely negatively affected. Besides increasing the height of the sea, there are growing natural disasters including storms, rain, droughts. A recent UN report said that global warming would be more damaging to the people of the “B-Island region.”. The effects of this have already been seen in these areas. People in these areas have already been affected by various natural disasters including chronic floods, droughts. Crop production in these areas is also being severely disrupted.