Stem Cell and Nobel Prize

First of all, what is the stem cell?

We know that a cell is formed first in the combination of sperm and egg and it is gradually divided into many other cells and later on, these cells gradually convert to skin and other organs. The primary ambition cells are called stem cells. The transition to this organ is quite complicated and scientists have been trying to understand this process for 40 years. Since these stem cells are converted to the organ, we can make the organs from them if we can program them properly. Based on this idea, many scientists have been able to perform some successful experiments.

Scientists are very optimistic about stem cells. And there’s a lot of work to be done and how to use stem cells to prevent disease. Especially those diseases that people have not overcome. Scientists dream of conquering them using stem cells to cover them. Many preliminary studies have yielded very promising results.

In 1962, John Gordon of the United Kingdom discovered how stem cells can be formed from the body cells. After that, scientists do a lot of work on its application. But there’s not much to be done about how to easily create stem cells. But she was very surprised to find out that she was a man of the people. The researchers at The University of Kyoto in Japan showed a tremendous surprise to the scientists. He shows that it is not very difficult to create stem cells. By changing only 4 genes in the common cell, it is easy to create stem cells.

We know that the most important ones who played the role or who did the initial work were rewarded when they were awarded the Nobel Prize. We were hearing about the deadly hope of stem cells and scientists were hoping that no one would be given a Nobel on stem cells soon.

We are very pleased to announce the Nobel Prize. This will increase the interest of all and will help scientists to advance medical science by doing research on the issue by funding the work.