The old Modi government attacked the opposition

The economy has been amess with Narendra Modi’s gathering in Kursi, a dream of the day. The Congress, which is in the midst of a “Save India” rally in Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on Saturday, has been accused of “government of Modi-Amit Shah Jute”. The center is trying to turn its attention to the politics of division. But the truth is, the economy is in a mess. Sources said the Prime Minister will take over the work of all ministers for the last six months on three Saturdays, which have been in the state since December 21. Every minister has to plan for the next one year. But the question of the “health” of the economy is the most. The complaint is that the centre is being made to look unfriendly in its repair. So whether Finance Minister Nirmal Asitaraman can offer a strong push to boost the economy, the focus is on the main side.

Rahul Gandhi’s top on this day, “THE UPA government gave the economy a boost.” Now you have expensive onions. Sonia Gandhi’s complaint is that the centre aims to fight the Amazon. So that the real thing is in the making. And Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s comment, “The only advertisement is… Modi is a mumkin. Right. The government has also made it possible for the government to make a clean cut in the country. ”

The behal economy has become a target of opposition and the centre’s headache, with many eyes now in modi’s “test” of Nirmala. Many are looking at the February 1 budget to find a cure for the disease.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh claims that modi ‘takes over Delhi’ with a big promise on the economy, but now it is clear that they are false. Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram fears that the Centre will raise taxes on the way it is. The poor will be bad. The economy will be broken. Sanya’s question, Modi-Shah says it’s a day off. But the country wants to know why the economy is damaged. Rahul’s saying, “The enemies of India wanted their main power (economics) to be destroyed.” But they didn’t. Modi showed it with his own hand!

He claims that the economic situation is in a state of shock due to the combination of note-and-fast GST launch.