Adding to WhatsApp is another four features

Good news for WhatsApp users at the end of the year. This is the popular messaging app with four new features. The update’s dress name is What features are added to this app? Let’s find out.

IOS smartphone users can use these features as well as the first. Those using the updated version of iOS will get new WhatsApp features. WhatsApp will soon be updated. Users can then use new features only if they update the app from the App Store.

Haptic Touch: If WhatsApp is in dark mode, if you send or receive a location, it will open as a dark theme, according to a press release. Haptic Touch-T chats and media will support this way.

Low Data Mode: iOS users will have a Low Data Mode option in WhatsApp. It is on iOS 13. The main goal of this feature is to give the user a hint of data loss. The data and storage in the settings will include data loss information. When this mode is turned on, WhatsApp will automatically stop downloading videos, images, GIFs and voice messages. This will save you a lot of data. Download videos or photos as needed and use internet data for the rest of the work.

Contact Integration: If iOS users want to send a media file or document or a mobile number via WhatsApp, a pop-up will be on their screen. Where your phone’s contact list is available. As a result, the necessary files can be sent to another number without having to search too much.

Chat fix: Many iOS users complained that the number was not showing correctly when they passed 999 chat messages. Now it’s past. The message number will be 999 s on the screen at 100 parole.