Does the existence of the intelligent creature of the alien exist?

It was a little bit of a shock to see what the contemporary situation was in 1959, when many people in developed countries believed that people were coming to this earth with the flying planet Vin, and there were endless news stories about the Ets, with lots of evidence-based witnesses interviewing. Gazakhuri gopp fed, meaning a way to make a name overnight, as well as the first commercial computer to hit the market a few years ago, was the real Luna-1 space mission, the first mission in human space. In this situation, Coconi If ET really does, how can they contact us? The answer is simple.

Through the “wire wave” of the known media. Because the radio waves are invisible light and we all know that light is the fastest speed. I know the media, but what frequency? Cochoni Morrison replied that the most present substance in the universe in their paper is hydrogen. And the frequency of this is 1420 megahertz. The Cochoni Morrison paper was inspired by Frank Drake’s evidence that the Radio Telescope 1420 Megahertz tune not only pointed at the two stars, the Tau Seti and Epsilon Eridani, 11 light years away from Earth, to detect the signal of the et. The planet and where the life was supposed to be in the Coconi Morrison paper.

It was about 60 years ago. Let’s not go to the point where scientists who have been misled by the fact that at least 100 series can be written, let’s go and see the two researchers, Jocelyn Bell Bernel and Anthony Hughes, who were watching the British Radio Telescope on 28 Th. Beep beep after a specified time. They were very excited to be able to do various experiments, not too late to break their minds, not to be too late, but to be a non-stop, unimaginative, special star, and that kind of star in the sky called “Pulser”. Hewish, however, later received the Nobel for his discovery of the pulsar. There are many other examples where, even if the aliens get signals with great enthusiasm, they are actually for other cosmic reasons or they don’t have any content.

Where is the “Hoare Is Avery Body” Etira? Nobel laureate physicist Enrico Fermy once threw this question at three other scientists, Taylor, York and Kopinsky. This question is being discussed in the ET Khosa Mahal. Of course, one of these is that the Ten North Firmi itself has given it, and the Earth cannot find ET because (1) the distance of the space is so vast that it cannot pass. (2) Even if possible, it does not go in the same way as alsemi. (3) The Milky Way Galaxy cannot survive such a long time that they will spread the empire. The question that was asked in the summer of 1950 was discussed again by British scientist Michael Hart in the journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, “Ann Exploration for the Obsessions of Extraterrestrials on Earth”. The main point of his article is like a reply from Fermy. But many don’t think that their explanation is the last word, but their puzzle is “Hoare is Averybody” which is still known as the “Fermi Heart Paradox” in the ET Khosa mahal.

In addition, another puzzle, almost like the “Fermi Heart Paradox,”, is known as “Great Silence.” I assume that the great silence is that there are intelligent creatures on the distant planet that cannot travel the unimaginable distance of the universe but they can communicate with us through radio waves, but why not? This is the main thing about the Great Silence paradox.