Easily minimize the link with one click

The first thing that is needed for any internet is the link. Sometimes we have to send a big link to someone. It takes a lot of space to send it. It can be a little strange. What we need to do to avoid this problem is to shorten the link or URL. I’ll also share ways to see what’s behind the link, along with the link shorts in this post. So let’s start!

First go to this site:

The box will come as below:

Now click Just Copy and copy the link. It is better to select and copy. This will be copied to the link clipboard.

In the middle of the short link.
Let’s take a look at how to get the short link. The short link does not make viral links or URLs. So it has to be expanded. This avoids unwanted incidents.

But one thing suddenly came to mind. bitly is a short URL, how about shorting it! It turns out, the short shot happened! They should use AI.

Below are some of the most popular service providers that offer the benefit of minimizing large and uneven links. You can easily share them on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or any other site.
1. goo.gl : This is a great tool kit from Google. This allows you to minimize as many links as you want. You can also analyze the content of the links you created, such as: how many times your link has been clicked, you can create the LINK QR code. Must have a Google account to use it

TinyURL: This is the most commonly used “Shorten a link tool”. No account has to be created to use it. However, links like goo.gl BitLy are not available for monitoring and storing.