Avalon of Homo Sapiens | Stages of Human Evolution

Geological Time Scale

In human evolution we need the Cenozoic Era because the origin of the primate is according to scientific theory, so just keep this part and take a look.

Two and a half million years ago

This Cenozoic is divided into several episodes in Iraq. The formation of the human ancestors began from the gosling period about 250 million years ago. The jaw bones of the Australopithecus are believed to be the ancestors of gibbons. They were living in Egypt.

One billion and twenty million years ago

After that, some advanced Australopithecus (which lived in East Africa) from the Australopithecus in mySimon period about 12 million years ago.


Australopithecus, Proconsul (the former male of the chimpanzee gorilla, probably living on the ground)

Ten million years ago

At the end of the mySimon season, the pre-men of the anthropoid app that is presently visible at the beginning of the Pliocene season spread to Africa, Asia and Europe. Australopithecus in Italy is probably the pre-man of modern apes.

Twenty-six million years ago

The plyoscin period began at the end of the placings period, which began about twenty-six million years ago. Scientists divide the Pleistocene into three parts, the original (aryl) Pleistocene middle (mid) Pleistocene and let Pleistocene.

The original cytosine period extends from 4 million years ago to five million years ago, and the ancient man (scientific name Homo sapiens) was born.

The evidence of their existence in South Africa of the Australasian is found in south Africa, they are small in height and the brain is very small, and the characteristics of the human body are similar.

The Sondheim people are probably the ancestors of the modern Neanderthal stochastic. The Aryl Pleistocene period spans between 100,000 and 10,000 years. Fifty thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Neanderthals lived on either side of the Camel Mountains in Palestine. The former man of modern man is known as the Nontechnical Swans Comb.

Fifty thousand to ten thousand years

The first ones were born of the Neanderthals, they were cave men. They lived in the last Ice Age. They are almost contemporary of modern Homo sapiens. They lived in Europe, Asia and Africa. Among them were a group of people with a higher brain than them.

The Man of the Neanderthal

The Crow Magnolia man is the advanced man of the Neanderthal asininity in Europe. During this period, a limited amount of agricultural activity was produced from Asia.