History of the Christian New Year and the name of the twelve months as it came

    The thing we face in the face of our life is the day. The most common day in the world is the calendar that we know as the English year or the Christian year. There are also some calendars that are used to keep local people or religious accounts, such as Bengali calendars, British calendars, Hijri calendars.

    Today is the last day of the Christian year, waiting for the New Year to come, how did this Christian calendar come to be? The Pope is credited with cleaning up the current Christian calendar we see. The calendar is also called the Gregorian calendar. Gregory Ter’s calendar was made in 1582.

    Caesar, Julius

    Before this modification, it was called the Julian Calendar. Roman Emperor Julius Caesar introduced it 40 BC. Earlier, the Roman calendar was calculated in 10 months and was introduced by the legendary Roman emperor Romulus (753- 715 BC).

    Roman Emperor Romulus (753 – 715 BC)

    Romulus – The calendar that was launched in 10 months started by Martius, named after his father, the war god Mars, followed by Aprilis, Myus, Unius, which is associated with the names of the Roman gods. The names of the next were published in the short term, thus the tenth month of December.

    Numa Pampleus

    After that, two more months were added to the second Roman emperor, Numa Pompeiis. This is a brief 12 month history. But finally, Pope Gregory Terr, who has been a long time since he was born, started the Leap Year.

    January: According to the roman god Janus, whose work was to start and finish.

    February: The name of the ancient Roman god Fareus was named this month, and roman girls were sanctifyed this month to give birth to a child.

    March: The month was named after the Roman war god Mars.

    April: Perhaps the name originated from the “Apri” because this month was probably the month of the grain of various crops.

    May: The name of the month is coming from the name of the Roman goddess “Mayista”.

    June: Probably the month originated from the name of the Roman goddess Juno.

    July: Roman Emperor Julius was born this month. Perhaps he was named this month.

    August: The Roman emperor august was named this month, and this month the Emperor Augustus brought many good fortune.

    Septemor: This name comes from the Seventh Roman Septem.

    October: The name comes from the Roman “Octo” meaning eight.

    Nov: This name comes from the Roman Novem.

    December: This name came from the Roman “Dissem”.

    Wishing everyone the English New Year. Be good. Be happy. Stay healthy.