Uber’s Rides Company dominance worldwide

In New York, almost everyone is familiar with ride sharing apps like Uber, Elevator. Ride sharing has brought about a change in the transportation system since the launch of these apps. The commute is short, passengers are facing less hardship and there is no chance of a fare dispute due to automatic payment.

These ride sharing apps have also become the main means of life for many. Many people choose this path to earn money because they have the convenience of working on their own and not having to work under the supervision of anyone. Uber continues to dominate as a ride sharing app since its inception in 2009. Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco, California.

According to a statister 2019, Uber dominates the ride sharing app in the United States. About 50.8 percent of taxicab drivers use Uber for livelihood, while elevator users are 19.9 percent. As of August, Uber’s market share in the US was about 54.28 percent, while the lift was 27.2 percent.

In the United States, about 26 percent of the passengers use Uber regularly. About 37 percent of Americans aged 16-24 use Uber regularly. In 2018, Uber’s net revenue worldwide was about $11 billion. In 2017, that was about $7.5 billion.

As a developed country, The American communication system was always good. Taxi services, subways, buses have always played a leading role in the communication sector. But the change has come after Uber’s discovery. Currently, nearly 40 million rides are completed by Uber in the US every month, much more than any other ride sharing app.

According to a January 2019 report, Uber has completed about 4,62,113 rides per day in New York City, with 2,71,135 taxi rides and 1,49,142 lift rides.

Let’s take a look at some statistics to understand Uber’s dominance. Currently, about 3.9 million drivers are working for Uber. Uber has given nearly $78 billion to drivers so far. About 17 million Uber rides are completed every day. In 2018, about 155 million Uber apps were downloaded.

The number of Uber users is increasing worldwide. Uber is very keen to ensure that passengers are not affected by drivers. There is also a proposal to train drivers in the Us to overcome language problems.