Insurance Property Investment and Conservation Regulation 2018

General insurance companies compel government funding at least 12% of the total assets General insurance companies have finalized the Insurance Company’s Property Protection Policy 2018, with the requirement to invest at least 12% of the total assets in government securities.

However, through the Ministry of Finance, it is known that the mandate to invest in government securities in the insurance industry is in no way an illogical.

Green Delta Insurance chairman Abdul Karim has sent a letter to the government requesting the insurance business company Delta Green Delta to suffer 12 percent of the investment in 12 percent of its business will be damaged if the investment company Delta Green Delta says, according to the statement of the representative law 2018, the total assets At least 12 decimal 50 If so, part of the government to invest in securities that would benefit businesses.


Life insurance companies have to calculate the losses according to their business type. In the meantime, the government’s new rule is that the owners of the insurance company have applied to government securities, if they allocated their dividends, the questions about the insurance companies have raised questions about the additional secretaries in consultation with the companies. Trying is going on but money Transplant this tradition since 2011. According to the results for the stability of government securities that it will not be changed.