Facebook is going to make their security more difficult sooner

There are lots of businesses in the world running Facebook, which is unethical and without Facebook rules, Facebook administrators can take many measures but cannot be controlled. Facebook owner Zuckerberg announced that he will take a new step to stop this obstruction, and if there are any changes to this system, then Facebook will change many rules.

According to the current survey, India has made a lot of money by misusing the cyber-specialist Facebook in Pakistan and Turkey.

A few days ago, several newspapers showed that a hacker has entered the Facebook server or Facebook, but the official said that it was officially not told to any media. In fact, if a hacker has entered the cycle, then Facebook will play such a rigid role, but it is a good reason to take a firm stand, because the general public and Facebook users want Facebook to not abuse anyone, so that Facebook security is stronger for everyone then it is good for everyone.

Due to the weakness of Facebook security, various celebrities and traders are going to hack the Verifier page, which is Facebook’s ultimate failure, and Facebook is trying to strengthen its security to stop this failure.

Through Facebook’s various apps, hackers are accessing the normal user’s account, and the hacking media is called phishing, if the user is sent to the messaging site by the common user, then if the user tries to access his password by logging in to his messenger, then his id password goes to the hackers. .

One Suggestion for General Users If you do not understand any type of link, try entering your account ID password, then your account will be good.