Stokes told the umpire to reduce four runs!

Ben Stokes did not say anything at the start of the World Cup final. James Anderson said it was an extension. The paceman claimed in English that Ben Stokes, who came from over-throw, wanted to return! Stokes or the umpire was told to take 5 runs back! Anderson’s claim was later denied by umpire Kumar Dharmasena. And this time Stokes told himself that he did not ask the umpire to withdraw the run.

Stokes talked about that moment of the World Cup final at a BBC event. ‘I’ve seen everything. Wondering, did I say that (about 5 runs back)? With his hands on his chest, I could say no to the umpire, ‘said Stokes, who made an outstanding contribution to the England World Cup win. The all-rounder is now preparing for the Ashes for England. The first test of the series will begin in Edgbaston from today.

This is the best final in the history of the World Cup. Match tie in 5 overs, then tie in Super over. England were ultimately champions by defeating New Zealand in boundary rules. At that crucial moment in that match, the over came from that over. England needed 5 runs to win. Martin Guptill threw a boundary through the bat of the Stokes and crossed the boundary. England got 2 runs and 3 runs in total. After the tie is the match. Of course, later it was learned that it would be 5 runs or 3 runs. But then the final was settled.

Anderson said that according to the rules of cricket, if your body goes into the ball like this, you will not be able to run. But if it touches the boundary line, it will be 3 runs. In this case you have nothing to do. I heard from Michael Vaughan at that time that Stokes went to the umpire and told him to take that extra run back. He said England need not score this run.