Deepika compared Salman to Deepika!

Entertainment desk-old times. In an interview on May 25th, the eyes of Bikawood’s beautiful Deepika Paraukone, the best Asian applicant, closed his eyes. The context was “depression”. Deepika cried when she talked about depression. He said that depression suffered a lot of suffering in his life.

But he struggled, but after that he also had a miserable time. If someone is teasing or lightening the grief, will you leave? Deepika did not leave. He took a Bollywood superstar. He is who Bollywood ne Salman Khan. Salman recently spoke with media officials and said he had no time to do “luxury” that was depressed, distracted, or emotional.

The superstar also said he would not do anything no matter what happened in his life. But Salman expressed his personal opinion and expressed his view of life. But are they as good as Salman for people suffering from depression? The “Padmaavat” actress was not happy with Salman’s statement.

Salman was taken away without saying his brother’s name. In an interview with Vogue magazine, Deepika Padcone said, “Men star recently said that there is no luxury to become depressed. It seems as if someone is suffering from depression!” “Every moment was a battle. I was always tired,” said Deepika. Is Salman Khan listening to the words of Deepika Padukone? Does he change his mind?