Best Software Programs for Small Businesses of 2019

Best Software Programs for Small Businesses of 2019

It may sometimes seem that the hardest part of managing a small business is choosing the right software to take care of the more tedious details for you. Sure, your grandfather sharpened his pencil while taking care of the book, but this is not your grandfather’s business environment. These days, there are many products available to make the process work for you, so you can focus on the more important things… like making money.

Deciding which product is best for you is about zeroing in on the specific needs of your business and possibly identifying what business-related tasks are for you. Then you can select the software to lighten your burden. Need some help? Read on to see which programs best suit your needs.

QuickBooks has offered a giant intuit of the private finance industry. Its scope has been widened to meet the needs of small businesses and is a very popular option.

Quickbooks literally provide several hundred templates for any report you may need. Send Invoice? Have you got the accounts you deserve? No problem. Statistics? Check. Care on time? Yes. Quickbooks will handle your contacts and handle tax issues, forms and returns. This will create a budget for you and set your salary – though the payroll feature is an add-on that costs a bit extra. Quickbooks do more than just drive work.

One bad side of users and one common complaint is that many of its features make it a complex program to master. It wouldn’t be so bad if it provided strong customer support, but here it doesn’t. Phone support is available, but it’s not free.

You can buy QuickBooks discs for “one-time” expenses or download a super-duper version for a bit more flour, but you’ll probably get billed for upgrades (and upgrades in future years), and the cost will be almost the same as original software). And some of the software features and reports aren’t just needed for small business, so you can’t use many. QuickBooks Pro has three users available, but the other two will cost you extra. This is only compatible with Windows.