Low cost Asian countries that can roam!

Who does not love to travel abroad? But thinking about costs doesn’t make it. If you have chosen to travel to the continent of Asia, know which countries you can travel to at a lower cost. This article highlights some of the countries in Asia worth traveling on a low cost.

  1. Thailand has long been a popular destination for tourist destinations in many parts of the world. As the country has high-cost luxury travel arrangements, there is also a great provision for low-cost travel. One of the famous destinations for low-cost travel to Thailand is Chanthaburi in the east of the country. When you get a vacation here, you will get a quality hotel for around Tk 4,000 in Bangladeshi money. This small town is 25 km from Bangkok. There are also Koh Tao, Koh Kood, Koh Mak and Pukhto Kamala Beach.
  2. Philippines There is no shortage of expensive luxury hotels in the Philippines. But if you want to travel at a lower cost you will also get it. In this case you can go to the island of Karan. The hotel will get below 7,000 taka in Bangladeshi currency. There is also the opportunity to travel to many sights. Low cost luxury hotels can also be found on the island of Malpusqua. There will be a low cost view view room, from which you can enjoy amazing views of the sea.
  3. Indonesia is one of the most attractive countries for tourists. You can stay in various hotels along the coast of the country, which costs around Tk. 8,000 per night. But if you do a little research you will get half the cost of the hotel. In that case it has to be a little inward. Besides, Banuwangi and Bangkok can be included in the travel list. There is a Bread and Breakfast Hotel for three and a half bucks. You can see the beauty of the sea. Besides, if you spend a little more on King Ampat Island, then the cost of traveling to Indonesia is high, anyone will admit.
  4. Malaysia There is no word that travelers in Malaysia have to pay a premium rate. Apart from all the tourist destinations, the expensive premium in Malaysia has low cost travel arrangements. The three most popular tourist destinations in the country are Tioman Island, Langkawi and Penang. All of them have luxury hotels as well as low cost hotels. In this case, if you spend six thousand Bangladeshi bucks per night, you will get a quality hotel.
  5. Cambodia Cambodia There are still many extraordinary places to visit, not too many tourists. The country has Koh Rang and Koh Rang Samloem. Koh Rang, Cambodia’s second largest island. The cost of living in such an island is minimal. Here you will find quality hotels under Bangladeshi Tk.
  6. Myanmar for many years after being banned in Myanmar is going to be turned into places of attraction for tourists. The country has extraordinary seaside and many Buddhist religious sites. One of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar is Nagapali, Nagoyi Saung and Chauantha. Of these, the cost of living in Chawant is the lowest. Here you will find below four thousand quality hotels for accommodation.
  7. Vietnam Vietnam has many remarkable natural sights for tourists. One of these places is Dr. Nang. It is located in the center of the country. There are also Marble Mountain and Hoi An. The hotel can be found in Bangladeshi currency below one thousand taka. When traveling to Vietnam, you can put Fu Kuok on the list. It is a great island, where the hotel can be found for only eight and a half bucks.