North Korea condemns Seoul for military action with the United States, says Kim oversees the latest weapons test

North Korea said Saturday that dictator Kim Jong Eun oversaw the test launch of the new weapon system. This is the latest in a series of launches widely seen as an effort to drive a wedge between the United States and South Korea in ongoing military exercises between the two countries. Kim said North Korea’s official advertising agency, “Korea Central News Agency,” expressed “great satisfaction” for the launch.

Government agencies did not identify whether the weapon was a ballistic missile or a rocket gun, but said it was developed in line with North Korea’s “terrain conditions” and provides “advantageous tactical features different from existing weapon systems” It was. A KCNA statement said President Trump came a few hours later. Kim apologized for the rage of the recent short-range ballistic launch that rattled the United States, expressing a desire to reunite to begin nuclear negotiations after the ongoing US-Korea military exercises. Regional allies. In another statement, the North Korean Foreign Ministry accused South Korea of ​​continuing military training with the United States, and said that future dialogue will take place strictly between Pyongyang and Washington.

The Korean army said Friday that North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles on Saturday. The fifth launch within the past two weeks. The National Staff Headquarters said the missile flew about 250 miles and landed on the Sea of ​​Japan. By launching a large number of weapons that directly threaten South Korea rather than the US mainland or its Pacific region, North Korea also puts Seoul into a stronger effort to ease major concessions from the United States on behalf of North Korea. It seems that pressure is being applied. South Korea said the recent launch of North Korea could hurt efforts to stabilize the peace on the Korean Peninsula and agreed to form a joint military commission to discuss North Korea’s relieving tension Years that sought to support.

While North Korea has ignored South Korea’s call for dialogue over the past few months, it has called for Seoul to leave Washington and resume North-South economic cooperation, which was blocked by sanctions against the US-led North Korea. ing. As the US and Korean troops conduct a 10-day military exercise that North Korea has accused of, there will be a surge in weapon firing. North Korean officials called large-scale annual training “war rehearsal”, and South Korea called test firing a power show.

Pyongyang argues that the US-Korea exercises have forced “development, testing, and deployment of powerful physical means essential for national defense”. “Considering that military exercises clearly put us as enemies of the concept,” said Kwon Jong-gun, US Director of the Pyongyang Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “They (Korea) should think it would be difficult to make contact between the North and South without ending these military exercises or before making sincere excuses or explanations for conducting military exercises.“Currently, the flow is favorable to the dialogue, so we will start a dialogue in the future, but this dialogue will be strictly between North Korea and the United States, not between North Korea and the United States. Kwon said, calling North Korea the official name of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Kwon remarked that the day after North Korea accused the acquisition of US-made F-35 fighter planes in the south, if it tried to expand its military capabilities and Seoul pursued a strength competition with North Korea, I won’t win anything else. ” A few hours after North Korea ’s latest launch, Trump tweeted that Kim complained about many “letters and expensive” US-Korea military exercises. He said Kim offered him a “small apology” for a gust of missile experiments and he assured him that he would stop when the exercise was finished.