Vice President of the Maldives detained for entering India by hiding under water

Former Vice President Ahmed Adib Abdul Ghafoor returned to India on Saturday in the Maldives . Gafur was detained by Tamil Nadu police on August 4 while seeking refuge in India by sea without valid documents.

Tamil Nadu police said that Gafur had taken help of a freight vessel Vergo-1 to enter India. On reaching Tuticorin, he was arrested by the police. According to police sources, Gafur has been accused of corruption. He is also facing several cases in the Maldives. Gafur appealed for asylum in India, citing life threat. But the government rejected it. After that, Gafur tried to enter India illegally, police said.

After the arrest of Gafur, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said there were certain gateways to reach India by water. Foreigners can come to India that way. But even if you come through that route, legal papers and permits are needed. But Gafur did not follow that particular route and tried to enter the country illegally. Not only that, he didn’t have any valid papers. On the day of Gafur’s arrest, Maldives police released a statement saying that efforts were being made to bring him back to the country. After that, Gafur was returned to the Maldives on Saturday.

Gofur was appointed the youngest Vice President of the Maldives in the 21st. He was arrested on charges of assaulting President Abdullah Yamin. He was subsequently dismissed as Vice President. Last May, Gafur was released without jail.