Whether life insurance is permissible in Islam

Whether life insurance is permissible in Islam

The only life insurance claim by the family to guarantee compensation for the normal or unusual death of people. Life insurance was created for the benefit of the people. Life insurance is insurance that is paid for a fixed term.So that the person who opened the account can repay that amount in installments.

There are two rules for paying this money :
1. If the person is still alive after the specified time elapsed, his deposit is returned with interest.
2. If he dies before a certain expiry, then the nominee is paid the amount of money that he had contracted while passing the period.

Below is the reason why Islam is not permissible in any way
Firstly there is immediate immediate interest in life insurance. The insurance company owes the customer or his legacy more than the deposit money to the affiliate, so it is flat of immediate interest. And it is mentioned in Islam that all kinds of interest are forbidden. Allah says the lock, while Allah has legalized the sale and prohibited interest (Surah al-Baqarah 275).

Secondly, life insurance is a contract that is made for money. It is possible that there is a possibility of having a hard time cheating.It is also possible that in case the insurer dies after paying one of his two things, the company or insurance authority pays according to the conditions or it may be that the insurer will continue to pay all the installments but he will not receive anything to survive.

Thirdly, there is a proportionate BMI gambling existing because a person will ever die and when the amount of money will be available, it is uncertain that property ownership is associated with uncertain potential, which is considered to be gambling.

Fourthly in the eyes of the body of life or body, precious time is not a product, so it does not agree to the price determining. In the Premier, money is held by the company as a loan which is conditional on certain conditions and it is illegal to condition the loan.

The most important thing is that Allah Almighty Himself has decided how a family will live after its death. So once Shriki believes that life insurance company will give all the money he has given to him after he dies, he will solve all family problems. Since these policies are written in the English language, consumers simply cannot know what is written here and that is why they sign it. So on the basis of such conditions and on the basis of various complaints internationally All kinds of commercials are forbidden. Whether it is life insurance or wealth insurance